YummyRade is a meal enhancer to improve the taste and palatability of pet food.
It provides a flavour boost that encourages them to eat dry or tasteless food.

Dry pet food often lacks the digestive enzymes that are found in raw foods, a lack of variety and lots of grain that many pets are ill-equipped to handle.

Give your pet a tasty meal enhancer with added benefits to provide a savoury experience pets will enjoy, with prebiotics to encourage good gut health.

Rich and savoury, low-calorie chicken flavoured treat, to add to your pet’s food.

YummyRade is a tasty meal enhancer for cats and dogs that improves the palatability of your pet’s food.

Cat and dog food can sometimes be dry and tasteless. YummyRade provides a rich and savoury, low-calorie chicken flavoured treat, to add to your pet’s food. The flavour burst encourages them to eat, while also providing them with prebiotics to support good health.

YummyRade can enhance any food and is extremely low in calories and fat. You can use it to make your dog or cat’s food tastier, without worrying about weight gain or creating digestive issues. Make every mealtime your pet’s favourite.


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YummyRade comes in an 8.4 fl oz pouch

Serving Suggestions:

  • Pour 3 - 4 fl oz on top of your dog's usual food, or 1 - 2 oz on top of your cat's food.
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Composition: Filtered water, hydrolysed chicken protein, glucose, minerals.
Nutritional Additives (Per kg): Glycine 1500mg, L-glutamic acid 1000mg. Zootechnical Additives (Per kg): Fructo-oligosaccharide 1000mg. Technological Additives (Per kg): Xanthan gum 4000mg (emulsifier), Phosphoric acid.
Calories: 12.2kcal/ 100g.

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