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Dogs need a lot of fluid to cool themselves throughout the day. They primarily cool themselves through panting and foot pads on the soles of their feet. They tend to lose fluids and electrolytes through exercise. If they lose too much fluid it can lead to dehydration. Puppies, in particular, are more prone to dehydration. Like cats, dogs dislike the taste of chlorine in water and tend to drink as a necessity when thirsty.

We have developed a refreshing treat using a palatable formula to encourage hydration. Formulated by veterinarians, DoggyRade is a low-calorie isotonic drink with a great chicken taste profile that dogs love.

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Cats are not small dogs!! They are evolved to be hunters and well-adapted to get most of their moisture from food. Unfortunately, they can be quite fussy about what they drink which makes it difficult to ensure they are taking in enough fluid. One in three cats experience some form of kidney disease, which can correlate to a lack of fluid intake. It is vital to provide them with fluids to ensure they are properly hydrated and in good health.

KittyRade is a low-calorie isotonic drink, packed with amino acids, taurine and prebiotics with a great chicken taste profile that appeals to your cat’s senses.


When people exercise, we use sports drinks to help replace the fluids and electrolytes that we have lost. The same principle can be applied to dogs. When dogs go for a walk or run, play fetch or just enjoy the warm sunshine, they can quickly lose fluids and electrolytes. Quick rehydration helps them avoid dehydration and return to normal more quickly.

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Our range of isotonic drinks are designed specifically for each species, with a view to improving hydration. All our products have a taste profile your pets will love. Most importantly, the isotonic drinks provide the right combination of amino acids, prebiotics and balanced electrolytes to support good health.