I have three Sighthounds who love to run and play, but are also extremely picky with their food. I tried DoggyRade as an after exercise treat and they all loved it! There was even some bowl swapping going on as they all wanted to make sure they got the very last drop. I was delighted to find a product that was both nutritional and a healthy treat, and would happily recommend it! – Jennifer, Ireland

KittyRade is a fantastic product. My cat has to take a liquid medication for a potassium deficiency, it's usually very difficult to get him to take it but mixed with KittyRade he laps it up. So helpful and he absolutely loves it. Would highly recommend this product! – Tara, Scotland

I have an old dog (17) who lost too much weight. Drinking is not a problem but she doesn’t want to eat her kidney food. I mix three different kinds of foods at the moment. YummyRade made a big difference. Now she has returned back to normal weight. Amazing! – Maria, Norway